Friday, July 06, 2012


Wow. Talk about looking back. A forgotten corner of the internet, covered in dust. My own fault, both this and my old regular blog have been neglected and disused. Sad thing is that I'm not sure if I'll ever turn this trend around. Facebook stole the life from the Blogs. Why write several paragraphs or thoughtful posts when you can just jot down 2-3 lines of mostly meaningless updates instead? Ah well, progress grinds the past into memories. So the Wife (Babushka) and I are now expecting our first little bundle of Joy. Well, maybe it would be the second time we're expecting it if you count the miscarriage from last year. But at 15 weeks and going strong this one looks far more likely to reach the finish line. Not sure what we're gonna do then, but from what I've seen very few people are ever 'ready' to be parents, you just kind of wing it and hope you don't do too much damage along the way. I hate Shrinks and hope that I don't cause my Kid to need one as they grow. The Wife is just starting to show a belly, which is funny to see her complain about how her clothes don't fit right anymore. At least this time it's not my fault (Then again, I guess it kind of is). Last time it was because I put a bunch of her shirts through the dryer (Lol, I thought they looked great, but she apparently didn't agree that her boobs literally bursting through the tops was a great fashion statement. But then again I've always thought that if a woman has a great set they should dress like this. Perverted? Yes. But at least I'm Honest about it.). There seems so much to do. The more I look at it the harder it is to get anything done. Heck just cleaning the house so that we can fit the Kid into it will be an ordeal. (Not helped by the fact that my Darling resists throwing out ANYTHING. She still has her college school books from 5 years ago and doesn't want to let them go. Sigh...). Work goes well, except for the fact that they've turned the A/C off in my building. So I spend my nights in the basement where it's at least cooler. But it's summer so there's not many students so it's not like I have a ton to do at work anyways. Wondering what the hell I'm gonna do with my Comic Collection and massive amounts of Books that I have. Gonna have to find a safe place to store them. We've looked at buying a house, but with the Baby coming it doesn't look like it'll happen this year. So space is at a premium. My Wife at least has put some of her extras back to her parents house, but with my folks at an apartment that won't work for me. Oh well, I'll figure something out. Looking forward to going on vacation in August. We're off to my families cottage in Canada. Can't wait. Nice and realizing, spend all our time either cuddling, reading, or at the beach which is right across the road. If I ever do move from CT I'm gonna go to a place where the women wear bikinis all year. So, hope if there's anyone left here at the Round Table, that life is treating you good. I'll try to stop in again sooner than this last break, but no promises. That's the thing about being the Chaos God, you can never be too predictable. Peace.


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